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ADDED: October 2002

Poem: Dragon Slayer - by Terry Kimbrell

Poem: Werewolf - by Terry Kimbrell

Story: House Of The Wolf - by Joshua Hocieniec

Story: No Land's Man - by Jim Kohl


Stone Gardens - by J. L. Becker

Haunting - by J. L. Bekcer

For Love Of The Beast - by Pony Newman

The Theatre Of The Vampyres - by Sarah Russell

Halloween On An East Texas Farm - by Ed Parrish

A Cemetery Tour - by Jesse Glass

They - by Rick Perry

The Magician's Abduction - by Ed Parrish

Journey of the Hand-Touched - by Brigitia Wood

The Daughter of Man - by Jesse Glass

Siren Song - by Robert H. Codey Jr

Did You? - by Mark Tomlinson

"untitled" - by Ron Stewart

Night Walkers - by Chris Finocchiaro

The Stickman - by "Roland1"

Greys - by Jessica Lolwing

Cosmic Dreams - by Sharon Noel

The Fireplace - by Mark Tomlinson

The Fear of the Dark is for Children - by "Isisdra"

Not Really There - by Jesse Glass

The Vampyre - by Everglais

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